The visual identity composed of lines represents emotion and speed.

Petr Ezechiáš


Petr Ezechiáš is the founder of the brand of the same name based in Prague, focusing on the sale of luxury cars. The aim is to offer the customer the most suitable car directly proportional to his needs. A brand identity, brand image and brand equity were created for this client, including a website and a CMS system (ad insertion management). The visual identity composed of lines represents emotion and speed just like the luxurious cars of Petr Ezechiáš.


Of the several designs, the logo with a line representing the speed of cars won, it was inspired not only by the shapes of the supersports, but also by the extended rear part of the "Speedtails". At the same time, this line "hides" diacritical marks of "you" for better readability of foreign clients.

Visual Identity

The motif of speed and line in the logo was supplemented by several lines illustrating movement and energy. The brand was kept in elegant shades of white and black. We created corporate materials, including custom boards and a design for the sticker of the transport lift.


The website had one thing - to show the client's most premium presentation. For this reason, we bet on minimalism and applied elements of visual identity. Our aim was also to create a "gallery" of cars, as our philosophy was to approach each car as a piece of art.


Currently, you can see the result of our work with your own eyes in the store on exhibited cars, corporate materials, but also online on the client's website.

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