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Websites & Apps

Sales meetings

  • How are they
  • What they want to help with
  • What is their concrete idea of a solution
  • Who we are
  • About our work
  • How we work
  • Rough estimation of the solution - tech.
  • Basic time estimate
  • Basic budget estimate
  • If budget yes - target audience, main target of the website & CTAs, websites that the client likes, necessary elements (reservations, CMS, etc.)
  • Date of next meeting
  • Presentation is ready
  • How we work
  • 1 - 3 visual ideas
  • Sitemap
  • Pricing list - 3 options / detailed
  • Date of next meeting
  • We take 50% as a deposit for the work
  • Under 100k - invoice is a deal
  • Over 100k or with difficult clients, deal is necessary
  • Date plan
  • All documents from the client (for web) - texts, images etc.

Landing page

The essential stages
of developing a site



Creation of moodboards, creation of website structure. Competitive analysis and primary conversion determination.
Architecture & Wireframes
Definition of specific architecture and layout of elements - it is not the final design. The client receives a wireframe for the idea.
Optimizing the company brand manual, or creation new visual forms; definition of colors, fonts, graphic elements, etc.
The main design of the user environment and the finalization of the journey & experience from visiting the customer's website.
We deliver responsive display in breakpoints
- 1920px, 1440px, 768px, 375px, 320px



Frontend coding
Programming the part of the website visible to regular visitors. In many cases, everything is created on web builders.
Backend coding
Programming and administration settings for subsequent administrative addition of posts and advertisements
The online website will have an implemented set of text animations, button animations and other elements.
Activation of the main domain
We will deploy the website from the test domain to the main domain and publish it to the public.
After completion, we will agree on long-term support with the client, where we help them update information and take care of the website.
Initial design proposals & Wireframe
Course of collaboration
Design finalization - desktop
First 3 visual proposals of ways we can go with the full website.
First 3 visual proposals of ways we can go with the full website.
UI Kit, Responsiveness
First 3 visual proposals of ways we can go with the full website.
Website Finalization and Publishing
First 3 visual proposals of ways we can go with the full website.
The resulting times may vary due to the complexity, speed of communication with the client together with the provision of documents, etc.
2 weeks
One page web: 1 week
Full web & e-shop - up to 3 weeks
Web builder:
No code
One page web: 2 weeks
Full web: from 1 mo.
E-shop / Challenging tailor-made solutions - from 1,5 mo.
from 1 week
Web builder (designing & coding simultaneously):
One page web: from 2 weeks
One page web: 1 week
Full web & e-shop: up to 3 weeks
Full web: from 3 weeks
App: according to tasks
First 3 visual proposals of ways we can go with the full website.
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