We created a visual look for a foreign fintech startup



We’ve created a visual identity for an ambitious fintech startup that revolutionizes digital banking.


The main idea behind the logotype was a symbol of a mountain. It represents the goals, stability, and the will to climb up the hill — an appropriate theme for such a powerful brand vision.

Final draft

This minimalistic design contains the idea of growth and a road to the top. The logo consists of only two elements: an arc and a straight line, similarly to the symbol

Visual identity

While creating the visual appearance, we focused on simplifying all the graphic details. Illustrations are hand drawn with a thin line and are complimented by a diverse colour gradient.


Technologies sometimes get too complicated. That is why we, together with the client, decided to create a short video describing advantages of the project. Video also played a key-role during investor pitch meetings.


A digital bank should have appropriate website presentation. Our main goal was to develop an intuitive UX architecture that would engage visitors with its functionality.

This process needed a number of edits in cooperation with the client. Some of the original drafts stayed unchanged, while others were redesigned.

Motion design

This process required a number of adjustments in close cooperation with the client. Some of the initial sketches remained the same, while others made many changes.


Simple overview of functions, interactive elements and a modern view of banking in the 21st century. All this is hidden in the website of the digital bank Monroi.

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